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Monday, 18 January 2016

Two New XP Secret Codes

Hey Bin Weevils! Fancy an XP top up to start the week off? The answers to the recent puzzle challenges on Weevil News are BWHEART4 (250 XP) and BWHEART4DDR (500 XP - Bin Tycoon only). 
Weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine outside of Lab's Labs to enter the above secret codes! Happy weeviling everyone!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Dirt Valley Spotted On Weevil News

Hey Bin Weevils! Here's what's new from the Weevil News Blog today. You can now vote for which Bin Weevil celebrity you'd like to race against (similar to a flash mob - which everyone generally dislikes). Vote for your choice on the brand new poll!
Definitely much better than a boring flash mob where you talk to the staff who hardly talk, although I'm sure this will probably crash your computers, so be prepared! I'd prefer a new race track kit or, at least, an updated Weevil Wheels game! 
Bin Weevils have accidently included on today's post what the new Dirt Valley will look like on the Binscape map. They most likely ran into some bugs because Swathe confirmed the new Dirt Valley will be out last Thursday, whoops! Typical Bin Weevils Team there. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

How Long Is Soon?

Anyone who plays Bin Weevils will know the team sure love to use the words ''coming soon'' and ''limited time'', of course, that's their favorite words! I'm absolutely sick of their poor excuses and how they discontinue projects. Weevil World (Bin Weevils' upcoming app) was nearly announced TWO YEARS AGO and there is still no release, updates on the Weevil World social media channels have also discontinued. Absolutely ridiculous! 
Cute Weevil World app icon 
Do the team even care anymore? There seems to be no effort or enthusiasm from them, I'm certain they just do what they got to do for the money. Yes, that is their job, but it doesn't hurt to show a little enthusiasm and effort! Not to mention the poor Bin Weevils customer service; they don't have enough staff members to handle a game played by nearly 30 million players. From my calculations there are at least nine people working on the game!
From the What's New Blog April 2014
Bin Weevils, in fact, planned to release a mobile and tablet explanation in spring 2014 - that never happened! Take a look at the below advertising campaign designed by Kelly Scott, a past Bin Weevils designer. 
Will we actually see the release of Weevil World? I can only assume Bin Weevils have discontinued the app due to lack of funding or whatever. If they actually can be bothered to do more for us and release Weevil World then they may win the BAFTA this year. So fed up of their excuses! 

Hugbug7330 Wins WOTW + Fan Art Of The Week

Hey Bin Weevils! Here's what's new from the Weevil News Blog today. Dad is back with a Fan Art Of The Week comeback - submit your fan art for a chance to earn a golden trophy and a Mulch price!
Hugbug7330 is also the latest Weevil of the Week winner! If you spot Hugbug around the Binscape, be sure to say hi! You'll certainly spot him as he is now super-sized for seven days.
I'd like to see Bin Weevils roll out more updates on Fridays, after all, it is the last day of the week, plus more players are online during weekends. Anywho, happy weeviling! :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Bin Weevils Adverts

Hey Bin Weevils! I have spotted six new Bin Weevils advertisements while exploring websites today. At first, I wasn't a huge fan of the main text style, however, now I'm loving the new style!
The chat with friends and play two player games ads look bad in my opinion; firstly the font and speech bubbles in the chat ad look dreadful, they've literally used the same weevil cutouts in the play two player games advert.
It's so nice to see Bin Weevils expanding with new adverts across the internet! Do you think the latest additions will pull in new weevils? Most ads have their own specific sign up page - a neat advertising strategy from Bin Weevils. 
Happy weeviling! 

No Activity For Months On Bin Weevils' Facebook Page

Hey Bin Weevils! After looking through Bin Weevils' official Facebook page, there hasn't been a new post since April 2015!
I remember when Bin Weevils shared news, competitions, and fan art on their Facebook page. Now Bin Weevils mostly only tweet on their Twitter! Because Bin Weevils is so social now I'd thought they would continue to interact with the Bin Weevils Facebook community and parents. 

The official Weevil World (Bin Weevils' upcoming mobile app) Twitter and Facebook haven't been updated for a year now! :(

Back in 2013/2012, I'm sure we never imaged the team having their own Twitter accounts and chatting to us in the Binscape, so social interaction has come a long way! Despite the incredibly boring flash mobs, kudos to Bin Weevils for being so social. Hopefully Bin Weevils become more active on Facebook again. Happy weeviling everyone!

New Code For 500 Mulch + Best Nest & Garden of the Week

Hey Bin Weevils! Low on Mulch? Be sure to weevil on over to the Mystery Code Machine outside of Lab's Labs and enter ''BN174PAGE14'' to redeem 500 Mulch!
Nest Inspector has also published a new issue of Best Nest at Weevil Post - featuring 10 nest rooms and a sneak preview of the upcoming Amercian Diner set! 
 Best Nest on Weevil News has been given a fresh new layout which I think is so much better to read. Make sure you leave a comment for a chance to win a Gumball Machine before it releases to Nestco with the Amercian Diner set. 
Over in Tab's Gardening Shop the Garden Inspector has also chosen a splendid new Garden of the Week winner - congrats 754shadowninja!
Happy weeviling! :)