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Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Dirt Valley Coming Soon?

Hey Bin Weevils! A few days ago Bin Weevils posted a breaking news story on the What's New Blog. Unfortunately, it appears to be another area revamp which I'm getting absolutely sick of! Fair enough some areas in the Binscape need a refresh, but the problem is revamping areas ruin happy memories. Usually, Bin Weevils just revamp an area with a makeover and avoid adding anything new, which is quite lazy. 

Instead of wasting so much time creating useless revamps and silly in-game updates, why don't Bin Weevils actually bother to create new Bin Badges or events for us. Bin Badges almost turn two (they came out in January 2013, I believe) and Bin Weevils haven't released a Bin Badge since 2013. Bin Weevils let their whole players down last year, nearly everything they promised didn't come! There is a thing called organization you know, Bin Weevils Team. 
Instead of giving the area a revamp, focus on adding new features to Dirt Valley! I've always wanted a feature where Bin Tycoons can customize their own carts, that would certainly boost up membership sales. You know what really grinds my teeth? How Bin Weevils completely ignore our feedback, they're so ignorant nowadays. If you want to claim you listen to your fans and love them, start writing down our feedback and maybe you'll win this year's BAFTA.
Moving on to another issue with revamping areas, every area Bin Weevils update doesn't even feel like a Bin! How on earth can there be a sky, clouds, and paradise oceans in a Bin? The name is Bin Weevils, not City Weevils. Areas now like Flem Manor, Rigg's Cinema, Gong's Pipenest, etc now look incredibly ugly and childish! As I mentioned before, Bin Weevils needs to keep areas the same and just focus on making new content for us. I can imagine Bin Weevils literally changing the name to Racing Valley or something pathetic. 

Get set for more cringe updates, excuses from the Bin Weevils, and boring flash mobs. Happy days!

What are your thoughts? Will you miss the current Dirt Valley? Leave your opinions in the commenting area!

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