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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Dirt Valley Coming Tomorrow - Why Do Bin Weevils Revamp Areas?

Hey Bin Weevils! During Swathe's daily visit to Flum's Fountain this afternoon, he hinted that the new Dirt Valley is coming tomorrow! Get your last pictures of the current Dirt Valley before it is revamped tomorrow with a fresh new look (and hopefully Weevil Wheels game). 
I know many (especially my buddies) are upset to see one of the oldest areas in the Binscape change, but sometimes change is for the best! Bin Weevils are making vibrant and colorful areas to attract more audiences. There are tons of games for kids releasing every minute and I'm sure kids will rather play a game that's colorful than a dirty bin environment. 

The old bin can never return; graphics and technology have moved on since 2007! It was easier for Bin Weevils to build up players with the whole bin theme because there weren't much virtual world games compared to today. Of course, Bin Weevils will try and add bin aspects, but I'm afraid the shiny graphic approach is obviously working.

I hope at least Weevil Wheels gets an update! The game itself is outdated and needs a reboot with added new features. Happy weeviling! :)

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