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Saturday, 9 January 2016

New What's New Blog Confirmed - Moshi Monsters RIP OFF

Hey Bin Weevils! As I expected, Bin Weevils has posted a Scribbles mystery post about the What's New Blog confirming it is indeed having a makeover. Does everything new have to be involved in a Scribbles investigation? It's silly to post about a What's New Blog change like that! The new design looks surprisingly great, you can tell Bin Weevils has worked hard on it. Perhaps they can work harder on fixing bugs in their game instead of designing a new blog!
I love how they said we love the blog when
half of the players don't anymore...
A lot of Bin Weevils players most likely played Moshi Monsters (online game) when they were younger, you may notice the new What's New Blog looks similar to the Moshi Monster's blog! There is a thing called originality and creativity, Bin Weevils.
Definitely looks like the whole Bin Weevils website may receive a huge makeover. I'm surprised Bin Weevils have kept to their promise about this, you know what they're like with discontinuing projects! See you on the next post. 

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