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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

No Activity For Months On Bin Weevils' Facebook Page

Hey Bin Weevils! After looking through Bin Weevils' official Facebook page, there hasn't been a new post since April 2015!
I remember when Bin Weevils shared news, competitions, and fan art on their Facebook page. Now Bin Weevils mostly only tweet on their Twitter! Because Bin Weevils is so social now I'd thought they would continue to interact with the Bin Weevils Facebook community and parents. 

The official Weevil World (Bin Weevils' upcoming mobile app) Twitter and Facebook haven't been updated for a year now! :(

Back in 2013/2012, I'm sure we never imaged the team having their own Twitter accounts and chatting to us in the Binscape, so social interaction has come a long way! Despite the incredibly boring flash mobs, kudos to Bin Weevils for being so social. Hopefully Bin Weevils become more active on Facebook again. Happy weeviling everyone!

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