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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What's New Blog Makeover - Waste Of Time

Hey Bin Weevils! Today Drewbian confirmed on Twitter that the What's New Blog is having a complete makeover! Another waste of time when Bin Weevils can easily re-use the membership page layout for the blog. Somehow Bin Weevils think their blog is more important than updating the game itself!
I'm sure Bin Weevils will make a big thing about this too, expect a Scribbles mystery post or something like that next month or so. I admit the What's New Blog does indeed need changing because it's had no big change since 2010, however, Bin Weevils should focus more on fixing bugs and releasing more content.

One thing I'd like added to the blog is the ability to login to your weevil when commenting; maybe on our buddy news we can see whenever our buddies have commented on a What's New Blog post. The What's New Blog graphics and posts aren't that appealing anymore. Will we like the new look? We'll have to wait and see! Knowing Bin Weevils they may, in fact, discontinue the makeover, so don't get excited. Happy weeviling!

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