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Weevil World

Weevil World is the highly anticipated new app from the creators of Bin Weevils! Jump in and explore a beautifully designed world and experience Bin Weevils in a new way on your mobile device.

Weevil World is coming soon to mobile devices (iPad, possibly Andriod shortly after release). Bin Weevils have released several sneak peeks of Weevil World which they're currently working on! In August 2014, Bin Weevils released a short Weevil World coming soon trailer. 

Unlike Bin Weevils, on Weevil World, we'll be able to dress our weevils in clothing (not just hats)! The weevil design looks unique and different from the BinWeevils.Com design. One thing I hope is there is constantly new clothing being added.
Included in the Weevil World press kit from the Bin Weevils website is four Weevil World avatars wearing clothing which will be available on the app!

Weevil World appears to be about Bin Bots - in the sneak peek below you can see a weevil outside two workhouses with some Bin Bots. I believe on Weevil World we'll be able to take care of our Bin Bots and collect them, possibly our Bin Bots build material or items. Weevil World certainly feels like it's themed on Bin Weevils past - featured in several Bin Weevils Magazine issues. Apparently we'll be able to trade furniture and materials at the Weevil World Marketplace.
Look at this sneak peek from Bin Weevils' website! The nest items, detail, and graphics on Weevil World look incredibly stunning. If you're a lover of nest decorating; you'll deffo love Weevil World's nest item designs! According to the Bin Weevils' website, raiding other Weevil Worlds will boost our Necta (possibly the level system)!
Here is a look at the possible Weevil World gardens, which looks similar to the coming soon trailer. There are so many weevils (especially my buddies) on Bin Weevils.Com who love gardening for XP/Mulch! ''Necta'' may possibly be Weevil World's leveling system, so maybe we'll be able to reach new levels.
More pictures have surfaced from the Weevil World press kit revealing never seen before Bin Bots (Coach, Hootree, Crab Shack). I'm in love with the Weevil World design and it looks like the app will have a background story behind it. 
That's all for Weevil World at this moment, unfortunately. Bin Weevils haven't released any news or sneak peeks for some time now! I hope the app hasn't been discontinued because Weevil World looks fantastic and will most likely do very well. Any future updates will be published here!