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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Bin Weevils Forums Confirmed

UPDATE: This isn't a confirmed update - there is a possibility forums may come!

Hey Bin Weevils! Swathe tweeted a sneak peek of the upcoming Bin Weevils forums on Twitter! Since I began playing Bin Weevils I have always wanted forums, lot's of games similar to Bin Weevils have forums and it will connect the whole Bin Weevils community together! 
Sneak peek tweeted by Swathe 12/01/2016
By the looks of it: Forums will allow us to share helpful top tips on games, SWS missions, and submit ideas to the idea box! There is also an ''other games'' section, so we'll most likely be able to discuss about Bin Weevils' apps (Weevil World, Pirates VS The Deep, Snakes in Space). :)
Maybe the forums will be connected to buddy news; just like the new What's New Blog! Hopefully, we'll see the launch of the forums soon. Happy weeviling! 

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