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Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Dirt Valley Spotted On Weevil News

Hey Bin Weevils! Here's what's new from the Weevil News Blog today. You can now vote for which Bin Weevil celebrity you'd like to race against (similar to a flash mob - which everyone generally dislikes). Vote for your choice on the brand new poll!
Definitely much better than a boring flash mob where you talk to the staff who hardly talk, although I'm sure this will probably crash your computers, so be prepared! I'd prefer a new race track kit or, at least, an updated Weevil Wheels game! 
Bin Weevils have accidently included on today's post what the new Dirt Valley will look like on the Binscape map. They most likely ran into some bugs because Swathe confirmed the new Dirt Valley will be out last Thursday, whoops! Typical Bin Weevils Team there. 

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