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Monday, 4 January 2016

This January On Bin Weevils (Dirt Valley Revamp)

Hey Bin Weevils! A ''What's Happening In January'' post is up on the What's New Blog! As expected, Rigg is redesigning the Dirt Valley + a new nest item set is arriving soon. According to the blog, we'll be able to race other celebs!
The new design looks colorful and shiny, but at the same time looks quite nice. I know I mentioned in my Dirt Valley makeover post that I hated the idea, however, the new design looks nice! Judging from the sneak peek it also appears there will be some sort of drive-in cinema. 
Like every month, Bin Weevils are bringing out an Amercian Diner nest item set! I have to say, the items look fantastic. Bin Tycoon members will also receive a special reward this January! Keep your eyes open for the New Year sale at Nestco - beginning 6th Jan.
And to finish up, be sure to check out Bin Weevils latest app: Snakes In Space! I don't know why, but I feel adding the app advertisement was just a cover up because they have nothing else to add. No sign of Weevil World releasing yet, unfortunately. 
Scribbles says there will be even more fun stuff coming this month! I rate this month 5/10: not that different to other months and I'm sure ''challenge other Bin Weevil celebs'' is a flash mob. What are your thoughts? Happy weeviling! :)

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