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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What We Miss #1: Bin Weevils Magazine

Hey Bin Weevils! Welcome to a new series of posts highlighting the content we miss on Bin Weevils, lot's of features have been taken away from us over these years which are still missed today. Let's start the series with the topic: Bin Weevils Magazine!
Each issue of the Bin Weevils Magazine was filled with secrets, lush graphics, fun stuff, posters, and secret codes! The magazine was discontinued in March 2015 due to lack of sales, most likely because how Bin Weevils poorly advertised the magazine. After 2014, the Bin Weevils Magazine went downhill, all the publishers were offering was puzzles and no items. Many were upset about Bin Weevils discontinuing nest items, the issues weren't that interesting.

Before Kennedy Publishing took control of the magazine from Egmont, it was possibly the best magazine on the shop shelves! Mudd and Glamm visited Tycoon Island monthly to search for the finest nests and gardens! If your nest or garden got featured, you'd win a rare trophy! That was the only time we really got to see celebrities, unlike now when they visit constantly, it gets incredibly boring when you meet the same celebrities over and over. 

Occasionally the Bin Weevils Magazine revealed hints on upcoming events or nest items! My favorite aspect from the Bin Weevils Magazine was reading Monty's Inside Info and The Amazing Adventures Of Tink And Clott comic. Of course, I think everyone generally (especially my buddies) misses the codes!
Such a shame Bin Weevils are stopping their merchandise lineup, but that's the way business works, unfortunately. Do you have a favorite Bin Weevils Magazine issue you've kept over the years? Please feel free to leave your opinions below. See you on the next post!

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