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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New What's New Blog & Dosh Code

Hey Bin Weevils! A few weeks ago it was confirmed the What's New Blog will be having a complete makeover, today it indeed has! Firstly, I'd like to say the new design looks so much better than the old blog, but it just looks messy in my opinion. 
The What's New Blog is now called ''Weevil News (although I'm sure weevils will still call it What's New Blog) and in some ways it's better! You can login to your weevil and comment on posts, in the commenting area you can see weevils' information and staff reply back now, finally. 
I'm in love with the new design and happy Bin Weevils created new Bin Weevil character designs! Scribbles (the Bin's reporter) now writes posts, unfortunately, some content on Weevil News is only accessible to Bin Tycoons - so unfair and stupid! You got to be kidding me, Bin Weevils? 
At last, Bin Weevils are now writing detailed posts unlike before, the one image posts were boring to read. If you're a Bin Tycoon member and log in through the blog you can access Bin Tycoon only code posts, as I mentioned before. Be sure to enter ''WELCOME2016'' at the Mystery Code Machine to redeem five Dosh!
What do you think of the new blog? I'd prefer new content in-game and bug fixes, to be honest with you. Old posts can be found on the archive (old Bin Weevils blog) so you can always take a trip down memory lane. Happy weeviling! :)

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