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Friday, 23 January 2015

Bin Pet Changer Price Drop

Hey Bin Weevils! As it's Bin Pet Week which is a little boring Bin Weevils HQ has made an update to the Bin Pet Changer at Bin Pets Paradise in PetStyle! You can now change your Bin Pet's colour for Mulch which is such a lovely idea because I hate Dosh so much! :)
I'm sure your little pal would love a new fresh look! What I'm wondering is if this price drop will be permanent? I do hope so. We still have those Bin Pet nest items to come! If you read the latest Best Nest issue you'll see a sneak peek of them on the last page. They look amazing! :)

Would be nice of they release more clothing for Bin Pets at PetStyle monthly and inside the Bin Pet Shop! I think we should be able to have different styles of Bin Pet beds and bowls, that would be very nice!

Here's Blufast's new colour! Do you like it? Hehe. Thanks Bin Weevils HQ for the new update!

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