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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bin Pet Ribbon Code

Hey Bin Weevils! Today's Weekend Puzzle Challenge has been published on the blog! This week Bin Weevils HQ are rewarding us with a free Bin Pet Ribbon! I'm so happy they've decided to return nest item prizes. Yay! 

I've solved today's Weekend Puzzle Challenge and the code is: 421DOTT
I hoped this helped you! I'm adding more and more codes to my Secret Codes page list so please feel free to comment on the page with any expired codes or new codes you've found. Feel free to visit my codes list by clicking here.

I'd prefer the Weekend Puzzle Challenge codes to be new nest items, rather than nest items which are in store right now! Hopefully Bin Weevils HQ release more new nest items because I miss the poster prizes a little bit. :)

I can't wait for tomorrow's puzzle challenge! 


  1. Please can you make a post about this party.

  2. Please can you make a post about this party. - IT IS TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!

    1. I only post about news and gossip, sorry. Cool blog! :)


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