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Friday, 23 January 2015

Bin Tycoon Extra Bonus :)

Hey Bin Weevils! If you're a Bin Tycoon member you can claim these amazing nest items from Monday 26th Jan to Sunday 1st Feb! I absolutely love the nest item prizes. Great work Bin Weevils HQ! We'll also earn Mulch and Dosh which is always nice!

I love these rewards and I hope Bin Weevils HQ continue rewarding members with items like this. Thanks Bin Weevils HQ and the artists for the amazing gifts!! I can't wait to redeem my codes! Once I redeem them next week I'll publish some of my new nest rooms for you to enjoy! :)

Our favourite reporter, Scribbles will be hosting a Bin Tycoon Party at the VIP Room in Club Fling on 27th Jan at 5:00PM (UK time). Woohoo!! I'm so excited to party with Scribbles and other Bin Tycoons! 

I know loads of Bin buddies who love to level up, and starting from 30th Jan Tycoon items will be on triple XP! Yay! So cool because I know a lot of my buddies will be purchasing items to level up. Thanks Bin Weevils HQ for another amazing update!



Please feel free to leave your weevily thoughts here! :)