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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Weevil World Teaser Trailer

Hey Bin Weevils! Weevil World is releasing this year and I can't wait. The first teaser trailer has been released which shows a few sneak peeks. In Weevil World, we'll be able to collect Bin Bots, grow our own fantasy garden, trade, decorate our nest home and much more. I'm very excited for the launch! :)
I hope Weevil World will be available on all devices rather than iPad! I believe Weevil World will be better than Bin Weevils, the creators of Weevil World and the new app will possibly launch this month. There's so much to talk about so be sure to pop by every day for sneak peeks, news and posts all about Weevil World!

By the way, I'm Wolfboy. My username in Weevil World will be Wolfboy so when the game launches be sure to add me as your buddy. Welcome to my Weevil World site and here I'll be posting my opinions and news all about Weevil World! :)

~ Dumdawg :)

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