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Friday, 30 January 2015

New Interface For Pop-Up Alerts

Hey Bin Weevils! The new Shopping Mall has brought another Bin-tastic update! The pop-up alert interface has been updated to a new fresh look. Take a look at the updated pop-up alert interface below:
The new interface looks much better to the old one. I hope the Buddy List receives an update very soon. Our new player profile cards are coming soon! Hopefully, we can choose different backgrounds and a border colour for our profile? We'll find out very soon. 

If we compare the old Shopping Mall to the new Shopping Mall we can see a big difference! The new Shopping Mall has amazing graphics and nice bright colours and the old Shopping Mall is quite dark and dull. The new Shopping Mall is way better I believe!
New Shopping Mall
Old Shopping Mall
Thanks Bin Weevils HQ for these incredible updates!

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