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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

PetStyle Sale

Hey Bin Weevils! PetStyle is having a special sale on all Bin Pet accessories for a limited time only. Dress your Bin Pet with Bin-tastic accessories for 50%! There's lot's of great Bin Pet accessories available, so get rockin' to Bin Pets Paradise! :)
There's still a price drop in the Bin Pet Changer! You can change your Bin Pet's colour for 500 Mulch rather than 5 Dosh! We've still got those wonderful new Bin Pet items to come which look amazing, Bin Weevils HQ! 

This is the sneak peek of the new Bin Pet items from last week's issue of Best Nest:
I can't wait for those! Hopefully, Nesty includes lot's of Bin Pet rooms in his nest issue. :)

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